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12 Days Xmas Dozen

12 Days Xmas Dozen

A treasure trove of 12 of Delamere's most sought-after wines, handpicked for their elegance and flavor. It's like a vinous journey that will have you sipping your way through the holiday season.

Each dozen comes with a fun and creative insert that provides unique ways to enjoy the contents in the theme of "The 12 Days of Christmas." Whether you're gifting this to a loved one or indulging with family over the holidays, you'll be celebrating each day in a special, wine-infused way.

12 Pack includes 1 bottle each of the following wines:

2022 Flyleaf Rosé, 2022 Flyleaf Pinot Noir, Non-Vintage Cuvee, Non-Vintage Rosé, 2017 Vintage Cuvee, 2016 Blanc De Blanc, 2013 Vintage Rosé, 2022 Hurlo's Rosé, 2022 Delamere Estate Chardonnay, 2022 Delamere Esate Pinot Noir, 2021 Delamere Block 3 Chardonnay, 2022 Delamere Block 3 Pinot Noir ( pre-release sneak peak)


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