Delamere Vineyards

“Delamere represents to me the opportunity to produce wines from the vineyard through to the glass, working alongside family with some of the finest quality fruit in the country.” 
— Shane Holloway

Our Story

Shane Holloway & Fran Austin: co-owner/winemakers

Shane’s official foray into winemaking took place in 2001, although the seed was planted many years earlier when his family established their Adelaide Hills vineyard. A previous career path (marine biology and aquaculture) brought him to Tasmania where he took up a vintage cellarhand position to help pay the rent whilst undertaking post-graduate research. 

Two weeks into harvest and he was hooked! From his new home base in Tasmania, Shane completed the Adelaide University post-graduate degree in winemaking and embarked on vintages in the Adelaide Hills, Yarra Valley and Oregon (USA). The passionate and dynamic winemaking community in Tasmania, and the enormous potential for discovery, lured him back. 

Fran joined Shane in their Delamere Vineyard business in 2011. Relocating to Tasmania from her home state of Western Australia a decade earlier to pursue a passion for cool climate wines, Fran’s interest in Champagne style wines trace back to her days studying winemaking at Adelaide University. With many years of winemaking experience in top wine regions around the world, including Burgundy, Oregon, Yarra Valley and the Adelaide Hills, Fran chose to settle in Tasmania due to the unparalleled fruit quality. Who would have predicted a girl from Kalgoorlie would end up making cool climate wine in the apple isle?  Not many! But certainly there is no place Fran would rather be.

Fran was the 2005 Gourmet Traveller Young Winemaker of the Year, 2009 Len Evans Tutorial Scholar and 2016 Don Martin Fellow.

Close planted, on the side of a steep freezing cold hill, Delamere is a vineyard that demands to be managed 100% by hand.

Delamere Vineyard is planted exclusively to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay on rich ironstone soils. The deep red Ferrosol soils offer great fertility, good water drainage and moisture retention, alleviating the need for irrigation. The combination of soil and site are perfectly suited to these two noble cultivars.

The vineyard was planted at 7500 vines per hectare and has a cane-pruned, vertical shoot position trellis system, with a very low fruiting wire at 60cm off the ground. The low yield per vine and the reflective heat from the ground produces wines with superior depth of flavour and ripe, well-developed tannins. Vine age and subsequent natural balance are key factors in the consistent production of wines with great structure and harmony.

The region of Pipers River in the north east of Tasmania enjoys a significant climatic advantage that is unique in Australia; that of a very low diurnal range. This temperature stability is born from a unique set of geographical features. The waters of Bass Strait cool the hot northerly winds, while the cool southerlies gain heat as they cross the island. Cool temperatures and significant sunshine hours make for ideal conditions to retain delicate aromas in our fruit. The frosty and sometimes wild conditions of winter give way to clear, crisp, blue-sky days through the growing season, allowing the fruit to ripen slowly and evenly, assuring the lingering acidity essential to producing premium cool climate wines.

In 2013 we expanded the vineyard, planting an addition 6 hectares, taking our total planted area to 12 hectares.  

Pinot Noir Original plantings:  
8048 Lighter Style wines, High yielding, Late ripening Originated from University California Davis
0013 Loose Bunches, High yielding, Originated from Giesenhiem
D5V12 Limit yield for best quality. Originated from University California Davis
MV6 Low yieding, rich fruit character — Mid season ripening Originated from Australia
Pinot Noir New plantings:  
115 Lower yield, small berries, leading wine group, early ripening. Originated from Dijion
114 Lower yield, small berries, leading wine group, early ripening. Originated from Dijion
777 Lower yield, leading wine group, early ripening. Originated from Dijion
Chardonnay Old Plantings:  
Penfold 58 Small berries (hen and chicken), concentrated flavour and texture with fine structure and long palate. Most likely originated from Penfolds Wybong vineyard, SA.
Chardonnay New Plantings:  
1IOV1 High yielding medium sugars, mid to late ripening Originated from University California Davis
76 Moderate yielding superior sugars, aromatic fine wines, Originated from Dijion
95 Moderate yielding superior sugars, full rich wines. Originated from Dijion
277 High yielding medium sugars, balanced aromatic wines, early ripening Originated from Dijion