Delamere Vineyards

The Delamere Wine Club offers ease, assurance, and flexibility. Created with our loyal followers and discerning enthusiasts in mind, the Delamere Wine Club rewards those curious about cool climate varieties, cool climate styles and our rare exclusive offerings.

Our Club

It has always been our greatest privilege to see our wines delivered directly to you, our loyal customers and followers. As demand grows for our wines, Delamere Wine Club guarantees you access to your favourite wines, offers access to cellar door exclusives and creates a more personal means for us to communicate with you.  In this vein, the Delamere Wine Club offers several options to cater for the different desires of our followers.

Winemaker's Selection and Collector's Selection

Whether you prefer to make your own selections or leave those decisions in our hands, you'll know that come March and October; you'll hear from us in the lead-up to receiving your delivery of seasonal offerings and new vintage wines. 

Delamere Rare

The Delamere Rare Allocation is precisely as the name suggests. Due to their popularity and limited quantities, we are finding a growing number of our wines are selling out to our club members before we can offer them to the public via our website. Club members can nominate their choice of our rarest wines to secure a 6-bottle allocation on the release of each new vintage.