Delamere Vineyards

Delamere has carved out a reputation as one of Tasmania’s most compelling sites for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Table Wines

We have been passionate makers of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay for many years

It was the elegance, structure and distinctiveness of the wines from Delamere that first drew our attention. Each year we work to capture the character of the vineyard in our wines, along with the marks of each different season. The hallmark of our winemaking is texture and complexity in balance with fruit purity, whilst the cool climate of our Pipers River site imbues our wines a natural acidity and firm, elegant structure. Delamere wines have always been made with an eye to enjoyment with food and cellaring potential.

Our Table Wines
Block Range

The Delamere ‘Block Wines’ were created to distill down the characteristics and qualities of our site. These wines are tiny volumes (just 20-40 dozen) that we bottle separately from the best sections of our vineyard. They are a selection of the one or two outstanding barrels and are only produced in superior vintages.

Block Range
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Estate Range

For more than three decades wine lovers have been savoring the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines produced from the Delamere Vineyard. Always complex, always elegant and always distinctive, the estate range can be enjoyed as a current release, but will also reward careful cellaring.

Estate Range
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‘Flyleaf’ refers to the free end paper that is not pasted to the inner surface of the book cover. Opening a new book is an act of diving into a new world, a new adventure, a new experience, where the possibilities are endless.

We love making wine in Tasmania, one of the last frontiers of Australian winemaking. It’s a region with so much exploration yet to be done. We source fruit for these wines not only from our own vineyard (new blocks, experimental batches etc), but also from growers around Tasmania, so we have full access to this exploration. And then there is the pinot noir variety. A variety where the smallest changes in its terroir are amplified in the character of the wine to a greater extent than any other known cultivar. Add to that the effect of season and, really, the possibilities, just like opening a new book, are endless!

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